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On the importance of DONE: Scrum and Drupal at the Economist

Join Rob Purdie, ScrumMaster at the Economist, and Ezra Barnett Gildesgame, Developer at Growing Venture Solutions, as they discuss how the Economist uses Scrum to focus on completing work according to an exacting "definition of done."

We'll cover what "done" means in Scrum, and explain both the processes and tools we use to deliver thin vertical slices of functionality and coordinate with our development teams in London, New York, and Austin, Texas as we build the online product for a publication with a circulation of over 1 million in subscribers in over 200 countries.

Topics included
- Introduction to Scrum
- Why a complete, shared Definition of Done is critical
- Benefits & challenges of having 3 teams working in 3 timezones
- Launchpad and Bazaar workflow for code review and management, pushing configuration changes to production
- Measuring progress
- Getting products 100% Done

Run time 61 minutes 45 seconds
Audio/Visual sound


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